Companion Care & Home Helper

“Could someone sit with my loved one while I am at work?”

This is one of the more common requests we receive to which we reply, “Yes, we can and it is called Home Helper Companion Care services.” The purpose of Durango Personal Care is to simply offer friendship and opportunities for meaningful social interaction. Where “companion care” focuses on the social and emotional needs of the person, “home helper” services include practical help with things like grocery shopping, meal preparation, transportation, and light housekeeping.

Companion Care means that your loved one has someone to share a meal with, go for a walk, play games, or watch their favorite show with. With a Home Helper/Companion, your loved one will have the company of a caring and conscientious person to share their day. Respite begins with knowing that there is someone you trust who is keeping a caring eye on your loved one while you’re away.
A Home Helper is basically a companion with “helping hands.” These hands are busy at work to ensure that your loved one’s living environment remains safe and supportive. A “home helper” will ensure that your loved one has sufficient groceries and is receiving healthy meals and wearing fresh clean clothes. A “home helper” provides a helpful reminder to take one’s afternoon pills. They bring in the newspaper and mail and bring out the trash bins to the curb on trash night!
Companion Care Activities Include:
Playing Games
Reading Books Aloud
Lunch Date
Going for Walks
Attend Appointments
Assist with Correspondence and Social Media
Social Events and Visits
More as requested…
Home Helper Activities Include:
Light Housekeeping
Grocery Shopping
Laundry Service
Trash Maintenance
Meal Preparation
Mail and Newspaper Retrieval
Monitoring Supplies
Indoor Plant Care
Make Bed/Change Linens
Wash and Put Away Dishes
More as needed…