Post Surgical and Post Procedure Care

Returning home after being discharged from a hospital admission, post procedure or post-surgery can be difficult process.  During this time their decreased mobility, a risk for falls and safety concerns. We want to support you during this time to make this transition go easy as possible.

  • We develop an individualized care plan before admission
  • We coordinate with health care providers and discharge planners coordinate care 


  • We help escort clients to and from appointments.
  • We pick up medications, so they are ready to be started after discharge.
  • We ensure that medication compliance.
  • We assist with non-pharmacological pain management.
  • We monitor for signs and symptoms of infection.
  • We provide supervision for safety.
  • We assist with activities of daily living.
  • We remind you to perform at home exercises.
  • We help maintain household activities.
  • We shop for groceries/meal preparation
  • We provide company and conversation.
  • We assist with daily care notes to update doctor.


Customized packages to meet the needs for each individual client.